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The Natural Deodorant Stick
The Natural Deodorant Stick

The Natural Deodorant Stick

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Thinking of switching from nasty spray-on deodorant which is full of nasty chemicals?

When I became a mum, one of the first things I wanted to change was my deodorant as I knew i'd be spending my days and nights with a baby tucked up in close range of my armpits. I didn't want baby exposed to these harsh chemicals and breathing in these smells so I bought a few natural deodorants to try.

I found a product by The Natural Deodorant to be one of my faves! 100% vegan and 100% nasty chemical-free (see pics for full list of ingredients). This particular one comes in a twist paste stick so no need for getting your fingers mucky. Tradie tried and tested (my sweaty husband smells great after working a physical job all day - I swear i'm not biased...we both used to get stinky after a long day!)

Available in two different scents: 

  • lime, neroli & cedarwood
  • patchouli & ylang ylang

Thoughtfully handcrafted in Australia

#gogreen #byebyestinkypits